We believe that the most important relationship is that between client and builder. Whether you are an industry professional or private property owner, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional level of service from start to finish. 


Our whole team are dedicated to delivering high quality workmanship and are committed to our client focussed ethos. Combining traditional skills with up to date materials and techniques, we are able to offer an impressive range of services and innovative problem solving. All our projects are fully managed and our directors are always available to our clients as a first point of contact.

"Thank you for your team’s professional, courteous and helpful manner during the works and we would definitely look you guys up again” - Duncan D’Arcy-Howard/ N6

Our commitment to clients

As a building company, we know full well that sustainable building practices and materials are very much a priority for our clients. We are very familiar with working with natural, non toxic products and materials that have been designed to help create the healthiest possible environment.

...and to the environment

In any project we are undertaking we support energy-efficient construction, the sourcing of sustainable materials and the incorporation of renewable technologies.


From complex technical issues to design and finishing detail, we are always on hand to offer the benefit of our years of experience.


All Projects pull together many different elements including client, architects, planners and building control. We will be there to guide you through the complexities of the process ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation.


No two projects are the same and that when challenges arise we are always ready and willing to come up with solutions.


Whilst our aim is to lift the weight from your shoulders, we are happy to accommodate whatever level of involvement is desired. Our regular, scheduled client reviews will keep you up to date on progress.


We know that building work can be disruptive. We want to minimise this and ensure that there is as little disruption to the normal operation of your home as possible. This includes ensuring that the premises are spick and span when we leave every night.


We pride ourselves on sticking to the timeframes we will map out with you at the beginning of the project and making sure that all parties involved know what is required and when.


We realise that everyone has to work within a budget and therefore look to provide detailed quotes and realistic pricing.